Know the types of Pets in Coin Master Game

07-08-19 03:36:09 PM

Know the types of Pets in Coin Master Game

Image Credit : Coin Master MoonActive

The pets in Coin Master are awesome gameplay features of it. Here 3 types of pets in the game. These pets have separate applications (uses) in games. Some are very useful in the game to save your Viking from destroying.

1st: Foxy

Foxy is the first pet in Coin Master. This pet is unlocked at first when you gearing up in the game. Foxy helps you in raiding. There are multiple levels in the foxy. You can upgrade the version of foxy so it can help you in raiding for more percentage of coins. If you need more coins, foxy will help you to get more coins with a raid.

How to activate Foxy?

Yes, you have to feed the foxy to use it. Once you feed it, it works some hours for you. How much time it works for you depends on how much food you feed to it.

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2nd: Tiger

Tiger is the second helpful pet. It used to get more rewards from attacks. Tiger helps you in attack rewards. If you get to attack and the tiger is in active mode, you get more percentage of rewards.

You can upgrade the level of the tiger by XP(an in-game feature to upgrade pets). Thus, the tiger is the attack helper pet.

3rd: Rhino

The third and last pet in Coin Master is Rhino. Rhino is difficult to unlock for new players because you have to pass some levels in Coin Master and complete some card collections.

Use of Rhino

Rhino helps you to protect your village from attacks. If you don’t have a shield to protect your village in-game, you can use rhino by feeding him with some food.

A higher level of rhino means higher chances of blocking attacks from other users. The higher level of pets gives you a higher amount of rewards so keep upgrade the levels of pets. Thus, the pets are very useful in different parts of the game.