Types of Chests in Coin Master Game and it’s Different Features

07-08-19 04:20:45 PM

Types of Chests in Coin Master Game and it’s Different Features

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If you play Coin Master, you are a fan of its game play. Coin Master has many unique features than other games in the adventure category. There are many games in the adventure category but Coin Master is on #3 Top Grossing Game on Google Play Store. Before we discuss the types of the chests, we have to know about cards and card collections.

What is the Card Collection?

Coin Master launches the feature to provide different types of reward systems. The card collection system. There are lots of cards collection and each card set has a different amount of rewards.

Now, from where you can get cards?

You get cards from the chest that you are buying with coins. There are three different types of chests in coin master game.

1. Wooden Chest

This chest is cheaper in price in game money. You get 2 cards from this chest. These cards are random means you get the same cards as you have already or you get new cards also.

2. Golden Chest

This chest is wealthier than a wooden chest. You get 4 cards from this chest. Same as wooden chest you get random cards from this chest.

3. Magical Chest

This chest is expensive in the chest. In the magical chest, you get 8 cards. All cards are random as other chests. But here in this chest, you have 90% more chances to get new golden cards.

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Note: The price of every chest is different at every level of your village.

- Now, someone has a question that they can not get new cards?

Yes, you are right. You get the same cards from the chest then go and upgrade the village level. If you stuck in the same village and only buy chests to complete the card sets it’s not fair in the game.

Because in card set some cards are locked in some village. You have to reach some milestones to unlock the cards and card sets. So, be updated with the village and buy a chest to get new cards.

- Now, it’s a short answer to how to get more cards from chests?

Here it’s a specific Event of Coin Master for getting 50% more cards from the chest, it’s called Cards Boom.

You get 50% more cards from every chest in the Cards Boom event. It means you get 3 cards from wooden chests, 6 cards from the golden chest and 12 cards from a magical chest.