Know All the Possible Ways to Get Spins in Coin Master

07-08-19 06:26:39 PM

Know All the Possible Ways to Get Spins in Coin Master

Image Credit : Coin Master MoonActive

Coin Master is a popular adventure game across the globe. The unique way of giving surprise to players makes the coin master very addictive and engaging. It plays with the number of spins and coins. Spins that earns you the coins from the spin wheel. Here we are talking about all the possible ways to get spins in Coin Master.

Let’s get started. First of all the automatic spins that will be added automatically in your spins bar. 5 spins every hour added in your spin bar.

Note: Coin Master announced a new event named “Spins Burst” that gives 10 spins every hour. But it is an event so you don’t get 10 spins every day.

You can get spins from friends. Yes, it is true you can get "coin master free spins" from your facebook friends. Coin Master gives an opportunity to connect your game with facebook so your game process can save with your social media account and also you can play a game with your Facebook friends. So you can share and receive 1 spin from every friend who plays coin master. This amount of spins do not cut from your overall spins so be loyal and share spins with your friends.

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- Refer your friends

You can get 40 spins from your friends when you refer to this game with your referral link.

Note: 40 spins will receive only once per user means once a user joins coin master, you receive 40 spins if he/she never joins coin master before.

- Earn spins from Cards

Cards collection is a unique way to get free spins. It is not a really easy method to get spins. Yes, you can get a larger amount of spins at a time but first of all, you have to complete the card collection.

- Spins from events

Nowadays, coin master launches so many events which give you some amounts of spins and it depends on your current village level. The different event gives you a different amount of spins and coins.

- Spins from promotional links

Coin Master is very caring for their players so they give daily some amount of spins and coins from coin master free spins links. Coin Master publishes many promotional links on their social media and other platforms. CoinMasterBlog is giving all the links list at one place so you don’t have to go on every platform to collect free spins.

- Get Spins from Lucky Winner

Every day you get a lucky draw and puzzle post from coin master. You answer it correctly and in some days, the coin master reveals the name of lucky winners. If you are announced as a lucky winner, you get 300 free spins from coin master. Try your luck every day.