Know about the Fact of Coin Master Events!

18-07-19 06:41:42 PM

Know about the Fact of Coin Master Events

Image Credit : Coin Master MoonActive

Coin Master Game is one of the most popular adventure games across the globe. Coin Master game’s most engaging and enjoyable features give way towards the success of the game.

Coin Master makes gameplay more enjoyable and competitive for users, so users keep enjoying it with new events. Let us discuss the latest events and it's amazing rewards.

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1. Diamond Tournament

In Diamond Tournament, You are the person in 50 friends list where Coin Master majors your rewards level. More rewards you will get from attack and raid, more upper ranking you get in the game.

You can compete with all players of coin master and see the process of them live. From raid and attack, you will get diamonds according to describe in the events. More diamonds you get, the higher ranking you will get on the leaderboard.

You will get rewards to depend on your leaderboard ranking. So Let’s go and check your leader board ranking.

2. Attack Madness

Long-time ago, attack madness is known as attack master. In attack master, you will get rewards when you get an attack on your wheels. But now the name changed to attack madness!

Attack madness gives you more rewards than attack master. Here you will get an attack on a wheel, this will count on the wheel and you will get amazing rewards more and more when you get more and more attacks.

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3. Raid Madness

Before Raid Madness, this event is known as Raid Master. In the Raid Master event, you can get rewards when you get to raid on your friend or a random one. In raid madness, you get more rewards than raid master. Raid Madness is the best event to get exclusive rewards of spins and coins.

Note: The rewards of spin and coins on Raid is depended on your village level. A higher number of the village, a higher amount of rewards.